Tesla’s short-term fix for late 2017 charge port issues

As mentioned in the previous post, our new Tesla Model X was delivered in December 2017 and we quickly discovered that there was an issue with the charge port. Evidently, there was a manufacturing issue that made it very hard to plug in a supercharger. Other charger types were fine, but getting the supercharger plug to connect to the car required pushing extremely hard. This has been discussed many times in the various forums (e.g. here, here, here).

Shortly after discovering this problem during our road trip, I made an appointment at the San Francisco Tesla service center to get the port replaced. The earliest appointment available was 7 days away. However, on the day after I made the appointment, I received a call from the service center offering to come to our place to address the issue the next day. Good news!

When the service tech arrived, he quickly told me that he was not there to replace the port but was going to file down the Y-shaped guide that is in the middle of the port. Evidently, the manufacturing issue was that this guide was slightly too large. As noted in the previous blog post, I had already filed down the edges of the y-shaped adapter a bit and rubbed some WD40 on it. It didn’t fix the issue, but it improved it enough to complete the trip.

The service tech put some blue tape around the edges of the plug (see picture below) and then pulled out an electric drill with what looked like a nut driver. He then wrapped sandpaper around the outside of the driver and carefully placed it over each of the three connection points and sanded down the Y-shaped guide a bit.

As he was doing this work, I asked if this was a permanent solution. He said it would fix the problem, but he was still recommending that the port be replaced (and he noted this in the work order).

Since this work was done, the port is much better. My wife is now finally able to easily connect a supercharger.

Evidently, Tesla asked their field team to apply this solution until parts are in stock and to reduce the inconvenience of impacted owners.

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